Mango Chicken Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

I have not posted in a long time!!  Much going on over here the last little while.  Kids are in bed, and I am sitting down to a quiet (and quick) meal.  Wow…except for that wind that just came up and made the house creeeeeeek.  Storm coming.

I had a couple of big juicy chicken breasts delivered the other day, so this afternoon when the kids were running around like maniacs I decided that I at least had time to throw some seasoning on one of them and toss it in the oven.  So this recipe starts with leftover chicken breast 🙂  I LOVE quick one bowl dinners… seriously love…..  since having children dinner time is tough.


So start with a cooked seasoned chicken breast (however you like it with the seasoning) and bbq’d or baked.

Serves 1 :

1 Cooked seasoned chicken breast chopped

Half an avocado chopped

1/4 red pepper chopped

Half a green onion chopped

1/2 to 3/4 of a ripe mango peeled and chopped

Chopped walnuts for sprinkling on top


1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Honey

Juice of 1 small lime

Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

Add all ingredients to your bowl.

Whisk the dressing ingredients in a separate small bowl until combined.  Pour over your Mango Chicken Salad and done!

Ok I’m going to go and eat my Mango Chicken Salad now and watch International House Hunters and dream of crystal blue waters in far away places  😉



Decaf Chai Tea with Honey

Herbal teas are a great (and healthier) substitute for regular caffeinated tea and coffee. The berries, flowers, leaves, stems, barks and roots of all kinds of plants have therapeutic actions.  It’s worth doing a little bit of research to see the many benefits of specific herbs.  There are so many  that you won’t get bored!

I was used to having Orange Pekoe with milk and sugar, but have since started avoiding caffeine and I also try to avoid refined sugar as much as possible.  So this is my new favourite!


I enjoy all kinds of plain herbal teas but sometimes I still like a “creamy” tea.  There’s just something soothing and warm about it.  So I brew Decaf Chai tea and simply add a little bit of milk (cow’s or alternative) and  honey instead of white sugar.   Honey is a much healthier option than refined sugar (but should still be used in moderation).

Check out herbal teas and add them into your day!