Colouring as Meditation?

When I recently read an article by about adult colouring books and their positive effect on wellness, I decided this would be a great post to include on my blog since it’s all about Nourishing.  Nourishing your mind and your body.

I absolutely love the idea of colouring as a form of mediation.   I find it kind of crazy that since childhood I have all but forgotten about colouring.  Mind you, since I now have children I do find myself from time to time doing a little bit here and there with them.

But ADULT colouring books?  Now that is brilliant.  The mind is a powerful thing and these days we all have a million things going on in our brains at any given time.  What a perfect way to decompress, bring out your creative side and simultaneously quiet your mind and body.

Sometimes we get caught up in the stress and to-do lists of every day life that we forget to actually enjoy the present.  Grab a warm drink, a colouring book, some beautiful coloured pencils and chill …..

Check out for adult colouring books or google online for single pages  😉