Hydrating Sweet Almond Oil & Sea Salt Facial Scrub

I mixed up this quick facial scrub after I tried to put on some new Mineral Make-up that I bought (free of any bad chemicals).  I’m used to using a liquid foundation, and the pressed powder just didn’t go on nicely for me.

So I wanted to try to get a smoother complexion and nice hydration to see if the make-up would go on better.  After using this scrub at night and putting on the make-up in the morning it seemed to go on much nicer!


Almond oil is rich in vitamins, helps maintain moisture levels and absorbs fairly quickly without blocking pores and the sea salt is exfoliates the skin (make sure to use fine-grain sea salt).

This scrub will get rid of any flaky or dead skin and give your face a beautiful glow….  a perfect base for make-up.   As I mentioned, try it at night before you go to bed in order to give the oil time to absorb so you’re not looking overly “shiny.”


1 Tsp Sea Salt with 1 Tsp Sweet Almond Oil in a small bowl with a spoon until combined.

Scrub lightly all over your face for about 10-20 seconds.  Then using a facecloth and warm water gently wipe off.  Rinse with cool water and pat your face dry.

Sleep tight!


Lemon Coconut Body Scrub

I have been making this body scrub for a long time now so I thought it would be a great one to share.


I really try to stick to natural skin care products as much as possible including moisturizers, scrubs and deodorant.  I just don’t see a point in using commercial products if you can make something just as luxurious and yummy at home! (Not to mention the lower cost!)

I must be really wanting summer because one sniff of this and there I am, toes in the sand, drink in my hand …..   you know where I’m going.

So this recipe is super easy:

1 cup white sugar

1/4 cup melted virgin coconut oil

3-4 drops lemon essential oil

Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a bowl with a spoon.  The consistency will look like snow.  Kind of ironic no?

Spoon into a jar with a lid to store.

You can scrub on to dry skin and then rinse, or scrub on after your normal shower routine and rinse off to be left smelling yummy and feeling smooth! You won’t even need a moisturizer afterwards.

Keep water out of the jar as much as possible to keep the scrub fresh. (You could use a little scoop instead of wet hands)

If I had some of my lavender from the garden I would totally add that to this scrub as well!  We’ll see what other blends I come up with this year…….

Note: Be sure to wash the tub after so as not to send the next person flying when they have a shower (it can make it a tad bit slippery!)