We’re making progress people.

What a beautiful morning this morning, it’s going to be a hot one today (high of 28 degrees!).  I just went out to the garden to take a look at my vegetable plants after a nice rain last night.  The mixed greens I planted are doing great, as well as the beets and peas.  I even have one eggplant that seems to be doing ok.  (The first one I put outside died…probably due to my being impatient and not letting it get used to the outdoors first 😉  But this one seems to be doing ok.  There is also one bean plant that has started growing as well as some teeny tiny carrot sprouts.  My tomatoes are another story.  All of the ones I grew inside and then put in the garden basically didn’t make it.  RIP Tomatoes.  I have planted more and we’ll see what happens.  I think the other ones just got too much sun too fast.

This is what I love about this season.  Growing your own food.  It doesn’t get any better…..


My Little Sprouts

Well it’s that time of year ….. time to be growing my vegetables inside to get them ready to venture out into the real world!  😉

I used windowsill boxes full of Organic Soil to start my seedlings indoors.  They’ve been hanging out by the window getting much needed sunshine and growing well.

Basil has sprouted…


Eggplant is doing well….


I just planted my tomatoes, so they are on their way.  I also planted some early crops in the garden including beets, mixed greens and peas.  So far the mixed greens are coming up but there is only one beet sprout, no peas.



Hopefully I didn’t plant them too early as we had some pretty chilly weather after I planted them.  Time will tell!   If they don’t come up I’ll be replanting now that’s it’s warmer.

If you haven’t started any seedlings yet but still want to, now is the time!  Grab some old pots, some dirt and get growing.

Looking forward to some juicy tomatoes  🙂

Organic Veggie Seeds!

The snow is almost gone, the weather is slowly warming up, the birds are starting to sing and I am itching to get our vegetable garden growing!

I am so excited that I managed to find some Organic veggie seeds at the Toronto Home Show!


There were so many different varieties to choose from but I narrowed it down to beets, eggplant, peas, green beans, large and small tomatoes (including a black cherry variety) and a few herbs.

My toddler and I are going to plant the Black Beauty Eggplant seeds today indoors since they need to be started very early.  I’ve never grown eggplant before but out for a walk last year I scoped some out in a neighbours yard…just hanging out…all dark purple and smooth and scrumptious looking!  Let’s hope ours will be the same (Insert hopeful smile here)  🙂

I have found that having a vegetable garden is a great way to get kids into healthy eating.  My son loves picking off ripe pea pods, cracking them open and popping every last pea into his mouth!  Same goes for cherry tomatoes off the vine.  Yet over the winter he wasn’t interested at all in store bought cherry tomatoes.

So on that note, let them get their hands dirty and see what it’s all about!  They may just surprise you with what they will try.

Check out http://uharvest.ca/shop/ for information on the organic seeds featured here.