Hi there, I’m Jacqueline.

My love of food started when I was very young and it has been a constant backdrop throughout my life.  With a pinch of Sicilian and a dash of Irish roots there was always something yummy simmering on the stove and I was always eager to dig in!

After obtaining a degree in Psychology and entering the workforce, It wasn’t until I became a Mom to two amazing little boys that I started learning more about nutrition and started trying new healthy foods and adding them into my repertoire.  I wanted to nourish my boys (including my husband) and myself in the best ways possible.  So barefoot in my kitchen I pureed, whisked, blended, stirred and got messy!  Smoothie moustaches became the cutest sight ever in our house  😉

I became so interested in Nutrition and the ways in which food affects the body that I decided to start studying Natural Nutrition as well!  Becoming a Mother has also exposed me to other forms of healthcare that are of great benefit to women and children and when I stumble upon something that helps me, I want to spread the word to you.

So on that note, Nourish me Mama is a blog dedicated to Health & Wellness for women, Mamas and children.  You’ll find healthy recipes along with other health and wellness tips and information, as well as my personal experiences. I believe that sharing information is the best way to help each other…. we’re all in this together!

By no means should this blog take the place of your doctor’s advice, but rather lend you some inspiration and spark your curiosity into your own journey of health and well-being.

Be happy.  Be well.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Robin Greensides says:

    Jacqueline your website is awesome! I cannot wait to try some of your recipes and share this with a few people I know. It is professional, nutritious, well put together giving a feeling of caring, nature and home! Keep going with this! Robin G


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