Why Juice Plus ?

My Mom got Breast Cancer in her 20’s, survived, then got it again in her 30’s and survived.  She then suffered from Congestive Heart Failure for years before having a Massive Heart Attack at 52 which took her life. I was 15.  She never got to meet my husband or her grandchildren.

She is one of the reason’s I made my own baby food for our boys, one of the reason’s we cook whole real food for our family almost all of the time and lead a generally healthy lifestyle.

Oftentimes I think people wait until they have a health scare to change their diet or lifestyle habits.  I don’t want to wait.  I want my family to have a happy, healthy life!  I want to be here for them for as long as possible.

We can’t predict the future and we may not be able to change it…..but I figure if you can try, why wouldn’t you?  If you can make healthy choices now, why not do it?

Even though our family eats well, there are still days when our kids are incredibly picky, and days when I feel like they basically ate nothing!  Can you relate?  There are also days when I myself don’t eat well for a variety of reasons.  Let’s just be real!

We all know that fruits and vegetables are amazing for our health, but the majority of us just do not get the recommended amount of 7-13 servings in our diets on a daily basis.

In walks JUICE PLUS !

Juice Plus is WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION containing nutrients from 25 fruits, vegetables and grains packed into a capsule or chew for Adults and Children. It is not meant to “replace” real fruit and vegetables but it is meant to help you get MORE in an easy, simple way. They also have shakes, bars and Tower Gardens that allow you to grow your own produce all year long!

Our family became a Customer of Juice Plus and I have since become a Distributor of Juice Plus.  As I’ve mentioned before, when I find something I love and something that works for our family I love to share with everyone!

There is so much to learn about Juice Plus.  From the ingredients, where the produce comes from, how it’s made, clinical research studies and expert reviews all at your fingertips.  Find everything you’re looking for here and feel free to contact me with any questions through my website below.



Here’s to taking control of your Health…. be happy & be well.  🙂


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