Energy Boosting Matcha Tea Latte

If you need an energy boost and mental focus and are constantly grabbing a coffee in the afternoon so you’re not drooling on your desk at work or locking the kids in their room so you can have a nap on the couch…. (no…I’ve never ever thought of doing that…swear)…..try a Matcha Tea Latte instead!

What is Matcha Tea you ask?  Matcha is basically a form of whole green tea leaves ground into a powder.  It is a vibrant green colour that comes from the antioxidants, amino acids and chlorophyll it contains.  One of the amino acids called L-theanine is known to have a relaxing effect on mind and body and also improve focus/mental clarity,  while the caffeine content creates an energy boost without the jitters or crash that often comes with consuming coffee.

Because you are essentially drinking the whole Matcha tea leaf (and not just the water) you are consuming a warm mug of nutrient dense goodness.

Now to go from coffee to Matcha Green Tea may be a bit of a leap for some taste wise.  (Including my husband who just called this “Grass Tea).” But if you are used to drinking green tea, this Matcha Tea Latte has a similar taste, and if you’re not, well maybe you could give it a try, it might grow on you.  I find that the coconut milk really balances out the stronger taste of the tea.


Match Tea Latte:

1/2 Tsp Matcha Tea Powder

1/2 cup hot water (it shouldn’t be boiling directly from kettle, let it sit for a bit)

1/2 cup warm coconut milk

*You can add honey to sweeten if needed

Add the Matcha Tea to the bottom of a mug, then add a small amount of the hot water and whisk briskly with a tiny whisk to create a paste.  Then add remaining hot water to the mug while whisking.  Add the warm coconut milk and enjoy!

You can experiment a little if you have a milk frother (you can use it on top of the latte)  to give it that pretty foam on top.  Since I only had my tiny whisk and wanted to make this quick, that’s all I used  😉  Different whisks (such as bamboo, etc.) may also have a different effect.  Get creative !


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