My Little Sprouts

Well it’s that time of year ….. time to be growing my vegetables inside to get them ready to venture out into the real world!  😉

I used windowsill boxes full of Organic Soil to start my seedlings indoors.  They’ve been hanging out by the window getting much needed sunshine and growing well.

Basil has sprouted…


Eggplant is doing well….


I just planted my tomatoes, so they are on their way.  I also planted some early crops in the garden including beets, mixed greens and peas.  So far the mixed greens are coming up but there is only one beet sprout, no peas.



Hopefully I didn’t plant them too early as we had some pretty chilly weather after I planted them.  Time will tell!   If they don’t come up I’ll be replanting now that’s it’s warmer.

If you haven’t started any seedlings yet but still want to, now is the time!  Grab some old pots, some dirt and get growing.

Looking forward to some juicy tomatoes  🙂

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