Decaf Chai Tea with Honey

Herbal teas are a great (and healthier) substitute for regular caffeinated tea and coffee. The berries, flowers, leaves, stems, barks and roots of all kinds of plants have therapeutic actions.  It’s worth doing a little bit of research to see the many benefits of specific herbs.  There are so many  that you won’t get bored!

I was used to having Orange Pekoe with milk and sugar, but have since started avoiding caffeine and I also try to avoid refined sugar as much as possible.  So this is my new favourite!


I enjoy all kinds of plain herbal teas but sometimes I still like a “creamy” tea.  There’s just something soothing and warm about it.  So I brew Decaf Chai tea and simply add a little bit of milk (cow’s or alternative) and  honey instead of white sugar.   Honey is a much healthier option than refined sugar (but should still be used in moderation).

Check out herbal teas and add them into your day!








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